Create Desktop Notifier using Python

What will be covered in this Blog

1. Desktop Notification Introduction
2. What is Plyer?
3. Create a Desktop Notifier

Desktop Notification:

What is Plyer?

Other areas where you can use this approach

  1. Set daily tracker for COVID stats
  2. Daily notification to take medicine.
  3. Hourly notification to drink water.

Time to code!

Installing Plyer

pip install plyer
from plyer import notification
title = 'Hello Amazing people!'message= 'Thankyou for reading! Take care!'
  • title: Title of the notification
  • message: Message of the notification
  • app_name: Name of the app launching this notification
  • app_icon: Icon to be displayed along with the message
  • timeout: time to display the message for, defaults to 10
  • ticker: text to display on the status bar as the notification arrives
  • toast: simple message instead of full notification
notification.notify(title= title,
message= message,
app_icon = None,
timeout= 10,
  • the title as `'Hello Amazing people!'``
  • `message as 'Thankyou for reading! Take care!'
  • app_icon as None
  • timeout as 10 secs
  • and toast as False.





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