We can categorize automation in DevOps like you use any service that is used to automate things
**what is AWS CLI?**

first, let's look at the use of AWS. How you can use AWS?

1) Web UI:- It’s very simple you will be able to see all the features and…

In this blog, you will get to know about google Dorking and some pro tips which I used to become the author of my own google dork.

What is Google Dorking?

Did you ever get into the situation when you are searching for the term and the result just contradicts the output? So the…

In this blog article, we will learn how to send Desktop notifications. We will see the implementation in Python.

What will be covered in this Blog

1. Desktop Notification Introduction
2. What is Plyer?
3. Create a Desktop Notifier

Desktop Notification:

Dictionary definition:

the action of notifying someone or something.

The Purpose:

The purpose behind a notification is to…

Hi everyone !!! I hope you all are doing well. Today we will be discussing key differences between GitHub and GitLab this blog, we will have a battle between GitHub and GitLab so let the battle begin !!!

github vs gitlab

GitHub — User Experience

As a Tech enthusiast I got to know about GitHub a bit…

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